I finally got it.. GLOW IN THE DARK paint

Yay! It’s finally mine 🙂 I wanted it for a good while, but I always thought that it’s too expensive (and it is- it costs twice as much if not more, than the normal fabric inks). But I had a very good August, so I wanted to reward myself 🙂

I prefer to stick with Speedball fabric inks, so also this ‘Night Glo’ I got from them. It’s super cool. It’s easy to paint on. Easy to use, highly washable (don’t worry about ruining your sink like with plastic inks!), doesn’t add that annoying texture to your clothing/patches/whatever, and it glows BRIGHT! It looks sort of green-ish when it isn’t glowing but it’s unique looking. It might be ugly to some people but step under a black light or into a dark room and any thoughts of ugliness disappear instantly because this stuff looks GREAT when it lights up.

So NOW I have started to create a new small ‘Glow in the dark’ line with new designs. This line is gonna be super cool, cause not only it’s gonna be fun to wear the night Glo leggings at parties, but it is also to feel safer and more visible on roads in the dark autumn/winter days and nights. 

Stay tuned,



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