How am I doing with exercises? :)

The answer is- not that well :d 

Even though I’m quite proud of myself today- I did 30min of hula hoop 🙂 I would have done more, but Alex wanted to eat. 

And then I did 1min of planks. I was supposed to do 2minutes, but after one minute Damien sat on my back, thinking that I’m playing with him :d It’s pretty hard to find moments to exercise, if you are full time mommy for 2 kids under 2. They are not going to kinder garden and I don’t have a baby sitter, and my mom doesn’t live in Italy, etc. 

So, if you are like me and you have some suggestions, please email me or leave a comment, on how to loose the pregnancy weight successfully. 

Thank you,

Sandra 🙂


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