It’s time for planks

It’s been 6 weeks, since I gave birth to Alex. Now it’s time to get back in shape. I gained a lot of weight in this pregnancy, cause in the last two/three weeks of my pregnancy I was eating practically everything that didn’t move :d A lot of junk food, ice cream and chocolate, as well as salty stuff like crisps. My hubby was not very happy about it, but I had promised him that after giving birth I’ll go on diet and exercise, so he stayed cool. 

So.. Now the time has come… From today I’m starting the planks. I’m gonna follow the one month schedule for the start, and then will see, what’s next. I also started to “get used to” hula hoop yesterday. Yea, you read it correctly – I’m getting used to it lol Because it’s one of them heavy ones with massage balls, so I have my hips all painful and with black marks already from the first day. 

Wish me good luck and follow my initiative 🙂



3 thoughts on “It’s time for planks

  1. I’ve just been cleared by my OB to begin exercising again as well and I’m excited! These last five and a half weeks (plus the one before she was born) have been long!
    Enjoy your workouts!! I know I will! ^_^

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