A bit different Sunday

Oh, yea. Guess what did I do today? First of all, we didn’t go to my mother in law for Sunday lunch. Instead of that, my hubby was ok to look after the kids, and I went SHOPPING 🙂 I don’t remember the last time, when I went shopping all alone, especially with no kids lol It is so relaxing :d 

Since I don’t know, when I’m gonna have a freedom like this again, I made a quite huge list of things that I need to buy for me and the kids. And I completed it for 100%. 

Now there is sales period in Sardinia, so I headed right away to my favorite shop Pull&Bear, and, oh dear God, they had sales up to 70% (!) . A-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I spent 70 euros, BUT I bought 2 pairs of jeans, 2jumpers, 1dress and 3 tshirts. Tell me that it isn’t a bargain :d 

To tell the truth, one pair of jeans doesn’t fit me yet, cause I gave birth one month ago and in this pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. But I got them for autumn with an idea, that by then I will have lost some weight 🙂 

In fact, I just found this exercise for burning belly fat, which I love and used to practice after my first baby.

Have a look you too- it doesn’t take much time, but it’s very effective (if you do it every day lol) 

After all the shopping I came back home and made a delicious seafood based lunch. Then we put the babies asleep and watched a movie. And now my hubby went to visit his mom with both kids, so I can relax a bit and be ready for the following week with sleepless nights because of our newborn Alex and hectic days because of Damien lol

Such a lovely day I had. Hope your one was good, too.

Wishing you a good week,



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