I’m gonna introduce some news to my shop soon. Most believably they will take an effect only in September, but if my boys will behave, then maybe even earlier 🙂

If you have visited my shop COOL Leggings, you probably noticed, that most of my leggings are in black. It’s because the classic black is the most famous color. Don’t get me wrong here- I loooovve colors! I always state in each listing to contact me for custom orders or if customers would like the leggings in different color. Soooo, finally I have taken a list of all the available cotton jersey colors from my local fabric store, and from September all the listings will be available in bunch of other colors, too. Please tell me, that you are happy to hear that, cause I’m doing it 100% for you, my dear followers and customers 🙂

Sandra 🙂


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