First week at home..

Oh dear, it hasn’t been easy.. It’s been one week, since I’m back home from hospital with my newborn baby. I absolutely adore him and for the first days he was an absolute perfection- only eating and sleeping (also at nights) 🙂 Things are changing lol I need to get used to sleepless nights again, 2 minute showers, not looking in the mirror and eating cold food :d I almost had forgotten all of that, cause my first boy is already 22months old. Also, I’m a bit more stressed, when I get my Etsy orders from my COOL Leggings shop, as I don’t know, when and how I’m gonna manage to make them. 

Thanks God, my mom has come to visit me from Latvia and is staying here for a week. It’s a great help, cause when both kids are crying at the same time, I really don’t know what to do. Need to invent something urgently though, mom is leaving already on Tuesday. Any suggestions? 🙂 An option would be to get a kindergarten for Damien, at least for half of the day.. Will see, what we can do, as that would be better also for him- he would learn new things and meet other kids.

P.S. I couldn’t hide this pic from you – my mother brought me million of different Latvian sweets and other stuff. 🙂 Common, once a year it’s ok to eat all of that stuff lol After, as I promised to my hubby, I’m gonna go on a strict diet 🙂



2 thoughts on “First week at home..

    1. Thank you Valerie!
      Yea, the treats are (were lol) mostly chocolate based and super yummy. I haven’t been to my country for more than two years, cause I have two little babies. That is why I am extremely happy, when my mom comes to Italy to visit me and brings all the specific Latvian food 🙂

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