Welcome to my paradise- my home studio

I think I have mentioned my home studio before. I have always believed that the working space is very important – it’s a place where you CREATE, it needs to inspire you and open your mind for new ideas and designs. 

I’m pretty happy with my “special” room 🙂 It’s nothing crazy, just one room in my house, where I can disappear for hours (if my two year old sleeps for hours lol) and be in my own little world, planning and setting new goals, and writing never ending TO DO lists. 

I’d like to share with you my home studio, where I make leggings and yoga pants from scratch and hand paint them with water based fabric inks. I do also some other crafts from time to time, so the hidden stuff in boxes are yarns, needles, organza, beads, rhinestones, linen, crochet, etc. A proper crafts corner, I’d say 🙂

It’s not always this organized though. When I really work on my orders, my two year old boy is always making an incredible mess. If you saw it (and especially if you don’t have children), you would never believe, that this kind of mess can actually be created by a little -tiny -super cute human being 😀

my shipping corner, my threads, inks, aroma, peacock feather etc
i know that i have a superb beach just around the corner from my house, but i love having this sticker in my room anyway
COOL Leggings logo
leggings lined up and awaiting the photo shoot
my aroma corner
my good and trustworthy friend pfaff hobbylock 2.0

P.S. If you have a minute, don’t hesitate to visit my Etsy shop COOL Leggings. And please feel to comment or ask a question to me. 

Sandra 🙂


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