OK guys. I’m about to give birth any moment from now on.  I was due on Saturday, but, as predicted, nothing happened. Lol Today I had a visit and the doctor told me, that I might need to wait another week. 

Don’t know if the baby feels my anxiety of giving birth and that’s why he is not coming out… Or he just feels too good inside mommy’s belly. 

I’m not really a people person in general, but now the less people I see and meet, the better it is.. for them :d :d I’m on the very limits of patience right now and any question about my pregnancy- how do you feel, today is the day, do you have contractions etc etc just drives me crazyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 

Well, I read the other day that this reaction is just normal and I’m not crazy :d 

So just bear with me, and when you meet me, please oh please, ask me something else. 

I found this article, on how to cheer up pregnant women. Have a look and maybe you can make somebody’s life a bit more positive. Here is the link: http://www.sincerelymindy.com/2014/06/17/ways-to-cheer-up-a-pregnant-woman/

Oh, and I have to mention my hubby this time- today he brought me a bunch of snacks like crisps, chocolate, ice cream etc from the shop just to please me and make me happy. Isn’t he the sweetest guy on universe? 🙂 
P.S. I found this pic so funny and appropriate :d

Have a good day,

Moody Sandra


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