Being a mom and working from home can get quite messy… Lol Are you a mom, who works from home and have your babies around all the time? How do you manage your day, your work and other activities? I have to say that I’m not very good at this and would like to hear your experiences. I’m a mommy and I also run a small online shop on Etsy called COOL Leggings, where I sell handmade and hand painted leggings and yoga pants.

Well, I’m reading a lot of articles about, how to manage your time, manage to do your job, and be a good mommy in the same time. One of my favorite articles is from Etsy blog, where they give very precise tips on how to manage your work well and not to go insane 🙂 It’s here:

Productivity Tips from Work-At-Home Moms

Mainly though, the blog posts suggest to involve your kid in your activities.. Now, I’m trying to do it, too.. with various results though. Here’s an example, when I’m not that successful lol

Basically, I just let him do anything in my crafts room, just to manage all my orders, so they can be shipped out on time. 

We also go to post office together to ship out the orders. Sometimes Damien is cool and sits nicely in his buggy. Sometimes he wants out of it and go around and inspect all the bins at the post office. He’s quite open and social with strangers, so he often laughs with people or plays peekaboo. 

I have to mention, that Damien is 20months old now. At the beginning I left Damien at his grandma (=my mother in law, as me and my mom live in different countries) for two afternoons a week, and then tried to manage all weekly work in those two evenings. But then at one point I decided not to bother nobody and deal with the situation all by myself. Don’t know if it’s right, is it good or not…

So yea.. Lately I have found a kind of balance and have found a way, how to keep my kid happy and manage to work, when I get my Etsy orders. Of course, I also manage a lot of things, when Damien is having a nap in the afternoon (like now, when I have a minute to write on my blog) 🙂

P.S. 1. The funny thing, which is not that funny at the same time, is that in mid June I’m having my second baby boy and that means to start everything again from the very beginning. Very excited.. NOT :d 🙂

P.S.2. Feel free to check out my shop COOL Leggings 😉

Let me know, how do you deal with your babies and your little business, run from home. 



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