CAT order ready and shipped!

I just love to work on Mommy and Baby orders, cause the outcome is always so cute!! But I have to agree, that it’s mainly mother and daughter thing. Makes me want a little cutie girl too. BUT I have a boy and another one is on its way lol

This order is handmade beige leggings with hand painted black cats on knees and beanie hats for a S size mommy and 1 year old baby. The slouchy beanies are a surprise for the customer 🙂 Shipped to USA today. 

Here’s the result. Please feel free to check it out on my Etsy shop:

And here are some photos:

Anybody else would like a matching set like this? Or something different? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Custom orders, as always, are kindly accepted. Plus, I ship worldwide. COOL leggings

Happy weekend,

Sandra 😉 


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