Les-attitudes.com & Etsy

It finally happened… 🙂

I have been featured in a famous German blog les-attitudes.com, where Anne writes about the fashion, home and family.

It all started when Etsy German office ordered from me (COOL Leggings) Mommy and Me matching leggings to give it as a gift to the well known blogger in Germany.

This article is about Mothers day and some great gift ideas. The pictures of the blogger and her little daughter wearing my baby pink leggings with dandelions are just stunning, the cutest thing ever. And, it is also bringing a lot of traffic to my Etsy page today. Amazing!

Here is the link to the blog post:

Family: Muttertaggeschenke mit Etsy

(P.S. Dictionary is a must though, if you do not speak German)

And here is the matching pair that they are wearing and that can be found at COOL Leggings on Etsy

pink it is
Mommy and Me matching outfits

So yea, this really made my day 🙂

Hope you are having a lovely day as well,



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