Being a mommy

Here’s the thing. Probably most of mommies of toddlers and who are working from home will agree with me on this. 

I sell handmade and hand painted leggings on Etsy. I make them from scratch in my home studio. I don’t sell huge amounts, but I do get orders every some days. On the on hand I wish I had more orders, which would allow me to save more money, and, most importantly, my small business could grow. BUT, on the other hand, I’m kind of relieved, that it’s not happening, because working from home and having toddlers (my boy is 19months old and I’m also 7months pregnant, expecting another boy) is hard to combine. Look what happened today, when I really wanted to finish my Etsy order.

It’s like you finish one job, ant there’s another right next- to clear all the mess up 🙂 

After all, I know it’s cute and it often makes me smile to observe all the crazy things that my boy is bringing up. He can be so funny. And we always tell him: “You are so lucky that you are cute, otherwise…” 🙂

Please feel free to share your experiences down in the comments.

Have a fun weekend,

Mommy Sandra 🙂


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