I am on Shopify!!

Hello guys,

I am into a new adventure- I have decided to give a try to SHOPIFY. Do you know, what it is? It is a selling platform for different type of goods, also handmade. As they say, that it is never good to keep all eggs in one basket (in my case it is Etsy), I have decided to open a shop also on Shopify and try it out for a month. Then I will decide, if it is worth it or it is too much hustle to manage another online shop.

So, please please, pretty please visit my new shopify shop: coolleggings.myshopify.com.

By the way, the prices are better on Shopify at the moment, so give it a go- maybe you also find something affordable and cool for you! 😉

Please let me know, what you think,

Sandra 🙂


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