More options

Hi ya,

I’d like to inform you about some changes that are coming up at my Etsy store. I’m planning to rearrange my shop and offer more variations to my current listings (items). My plan is to offer each item as leggings, yoga pants or maternity leggings. Let’s say, you see a pair of leggings in my shop that you really like, but you are not a leggings person. Now you will have a chance to choose the same design and color as yoga pants (or if you are expecting a baby- as maternity leggings). 

Since most of my items are ‘Made to Order’, I’m also planning to expand a little bit the color variations for each listing.

Anyways, as I write in each of my descriptions, I accept custom orders, so don’t hesitate to contact me in case you don’t find the thing that you like or if you’d like something slightly different from what I offer. I’m up for conversation, and I try to answer my emails within an hour. 

Apart from that, I wish you a happy weekend. 

Stay FIT.FASHION.FUN. with COOL Leggings. 
Sandra 😉


4 thoughts on “More options

    1. Oh, it’s not the first time,when someone says that to me 😦 don’t know, why WordPress changes the link I post. I’ll try this way. My Etsy address is www dot etsy dot com slash shop slash coolleggings. Please try to find the shop this way and let me know, if you did find it. Thank you for letting me know.

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