Best times to post on social media during the winter holidays

I found this article very useful and will follow it myself. See, if it helps you for your business pages.

Shares in the Morning, Clicks in the Afternoon

People are sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn mostly in the mornings, but are generally more likely to click on content within these services in the afternoon beginning at 3PM. Pinterest users both share and click content as they unwind at night, starting at 8PM.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Shares 10AM-12PM 11AM-12PM 10AM-12PM 3PM-4PM
Clicks 3PM-5PM 3PM-4PM 3PM-4PM 8PM-11PM

Engage Your Audience During Peak Times

Combining clicks and shares, these are the peak days and times for engagement on each network. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all peak in the morning, while the Pinterest peak is Tuesday afternoons.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Clicks & Shares Wednesdays,

Weekend Peak Engagement Times

Peak engagement times for all these social networks fall on weekdays, but we still see a lot of activity happening on the weekends. In fact, there was a similar pattern for weekend engagement. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn engagement tends to occur in the late morning and early afternoon, while Pinterest engagement comes later in the afternoon.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Clicks & Shares 12PM-2PM 10AM-12PM 11AM-1PM 3PM-5PM

Your takeaway here: know that your audience is busy prepping and planning for parties, events, and time with family and friends during the winter holidays. So leverage this data, and put these peak engagement times to the test. Start by targeting your audience and getting to know your their habits so you can reach out to them at the right time.



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