Why MADE-TO-ORDER is such a cool option?

Shopping for clothes in a brick and mortar store allows the consumer to touch and feel the products. But what you have in mind–a certain colour, style, or fabric–may not be available. Searching for it can be a fool’s errand.

The made-to-order trend has grown significantly in the last decade, on all levels of e-commerce, from solo operations to multinational manufacturers. And it appeals to customers of all ages. Some are looking for a bargain from a company that keeps its prices low by not having a brick and mortar presence. Others are willing to pay a premium, sometimes 25% more, for a taste of old world men’s bespoke tailoring and women’s couture fashion.

I work a lot with custom orders and I absolutely love them, mainly because these type of orders require a lot more creativity and your imagination needs to run wilder. I’ve done 3XL capri pants with peacocks and funny yellow Halloween leggings for a mommy-to-be, etc., etc. Besides I am telling always to customers, that if they order a custom made product, NOBODY else on the planet will have exactly the same piece of clothing. My clothing is already kind of OOAK and unique, because I hand paint it. And when you hand paint it, it’s quite rare, that you can get exactly the same details, or colours (of course, if it’s not black or white 🙂 ).

That’s why I would like to encourage you people to buy one of a kind made to order products- dare to risk a little bit to look original and fantastic!

P.S. And don’t forget to support small handmade businesses! 😉



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