Oh my God!! It’s finally peaceful over here!!! I thought it will never end, but it did. Yaaayyyy!!!

Our neighbours upstairs had a bathroom renovation going on for 3 (!) weeks. That was crazy! Damien was nervous, cause he couldn’t sleep. I thought I will lose my mind. In fact, this Saturday I was desperately looking online for a new place to rent ASAP. They started the works at 8 o’cock in the morning and finished around 6 in the evening. Unluckily for us, their bathroom is practically on top of our bedroom. I don’t understand, why we don’t have any rights to complain, because apparently during the day they are allowed to do in their home whatever they want.

Thanks to all the forces in the universe, they have finally stopped. Now it’s only the hoovering left.. 5 times a day… And the funniest thing is, that we are the young ones in our thirties and we are supposed to make the mess, not an old couple in their seventies. Boooohhhhh…

Happy and quiet week for everyone! 🙂



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