5 for 125!!!

Hi guys,

The summer is here, as well as some special surprises for you! This summer I am offering a special deal ”5 for 125”!

Amazing Deal! Any 5 leggings for ONLY 125 dollars!!!
Handmade and hand painted leggings – Cotton leggings – Plus sizes – Womens leggings

The price of leggings in my shop normally is 29-35$. With this deal you get each leggings at price of $25 only!

You are free to choose any five leggings out of my shop! When buying, please send me also an email with information, which leggings you have chosen, as well as your size and any customisation wanted.

COOL Leggings are made in Italy from scratch, crafted from a stretch cotton fabric (none of my leggings are polyester!) ,and hand painted with water-based inks.

COOL Leggings are totally home made and done by me – cut, designed and sewn. Each item is individually unique and hand printed, therefore pattern and color might vary a little bit. Please note that leggings are hand-stencil-printed and there may be small irregularities.

I use hips and waist measurement for sizing:

Hips Waist
XS 86 cm/ 33.9 in 74cm
S 90 cm/ 35.4 in 78cm
M 94 cm/ 37 in 82cm
L 98 cm/ 38.6 in 86cm
XL 102cm 90cm

Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order.

Fabric: cotton with 8 % elastane

Care instructions: hand wash cold – hang dry.

You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

More leggings in my shop:


Thank you!


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