Review of Alison Free Course ”Social Media Marketing”

Allora.. I found this course online by accident and was really excited to start it. In these days I have become an absolute fan of Chris Farrell and his lessons. I have to say, that I mainly did this course to learn some tricks about increasing traffic to my COOL Leggings page on Facebook. The other part of the course was ok, but I wasn’t interested in most of the things, or I already knew most of it.

I liked the assessments. They were not very easy, nor too complicated. Just the right amount. Plus they were not boring at all.

On the summary, I learnt some new little features of Facebook, that a normal user might not know, so now I’m excited to implement this knowledge to increase the traffic to my page.

At the end I’d like to do a little critique though. I was a bit shocked when they asked to purchase the certificate, if I wanted to have a proof. WHY? Wasn’t this supposed to be a free course?? And it costs about 100 euros!!! Crazy!

Anyway, I learnt new things and that’s what counts.

social media marketing

E. U. I.

Education. Understanding. Implementation.




One thought on “Review of Alison Free Course ”Social Media Marketing”

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