Having a baby is not easy sometimes…

 Aw, I want a baby.. Aw, I want a baby… Easy pregnancy. Giving birth that I don’t want to remember about. NEVER.

Next week Damien will be 8months old. Of course, it is the most amazing feeling to have your own baby. His smiles and first da-da-da is the most precious things ever. His first teeth and trials to eat the first real food are unforgettable. People stopping you on the street saying compliments on how beautiful your baby is makes you feel a very proud mommy. Etc. Etc.

BUT there are moments, where I really feel EXHAUSTED!!!!

Many sleepless nights in a row because of various reasons, never going to toilet alone, 5minutes short showers, extra weight and layers of unwanted skin, back breaking in two because of the pain, hair always tied up, no jewellery, no time for yourself whatsoever,  etc. etc. etc. etc.

So to all the people who tell me: “Aw, you have a lot of free time, cause you are staying home with the baby” and similar things, go “to that special place, where even king goes walking!!!”, because you have no idea, what newborn babies’ mommies are going through. Full stop.

APART from ALL that,

I absolutely love my Damien and I’m the happiest mommy in the universe! ..Just a little tired today… That’s all!

Sandra x


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