Da Geppino

         When I need to buy fabric , there is only one place where I go- da Geppino. It’s my local fabric store, based in Quartu Sant’Elena and has probably been there forever. It’s run buy one family, originally from Naples. Now they are quite old I’d say, but gosh, how ‘cute’ are they. There are many brothers and I think one sister. Half of them look above 70years of age, but they are still working. They are always very polite, friendly and chatty. Italy has Euro already for many years, but they still have everything in ‘lira’ and, when they calculate the price, they do it in lira first and then change it to euro price. So very cute! Could go there everyday 🙂

If you speak Italian, here’s a little article about them. If you don’t, see at least the picture 🙂


Sandra x


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