Bulldog leggings for all the dog lovers.


Black dog leggings – Bulldogs – Handmade cotton leggings – Black women’s leggings – Women’s wear – Yoga pants – Fall/Winter/Spring clothing – Bottoms

COOL Leggings are made in Italy from scratch, crafted from a black stretch cotton fabric (none of my leggings are polyester!) ,and hand painted with water-based ink- 3 SILVER (or WHITE) bulldog faces on each leg. Cotton allows your body to ‘breathe’ and feel comfortable at all times.

COOL Leggings are totally home made- cut, designed and sewn. Each item is individually unique and hand printed, therefore pattern and color might vary a little bit. Please note that leggings are hand-stencil-printed and there may be small irregularities.

Medium/Large size leggings. Measurements are taken with no stretching (with stretching you might add another 15-20cm to each measurement):

Waist: 68cm
Hips: 84cm
Length: 92cm.

Available also in size S/M.
Fabric: 90% cotton with 10% elastane

Care instructions: hand wash cold – hang dry.

Very Elegant Appearance. Made with the highest quality elastic material which keeps its original form and fit, even after washing. They do not show through and are secure on the bottoms and seams.


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