Is it a must to chill on Sunday?

I know, I know that today is Sunday 🙂 BUT I didn’t feel at all like chilling. I didn’t go to big Sunday lunch to my mother in law, but I sent my hubby and Damien there instead. It’s because I had million of thoughts and ideas in my mind and I just had to realise at least some of them. To shorten my endless list, let’s say.

Soooo… I finished painting one pair of leggings -grey ones with wolves’ faces on the back of each calf. I sewed up another custom order- black leggings with crazy abstract paint splashes. And, did you read my previous post about peacocks and how long I wanted to make them? So here they are- black leggings with white peacock with a nice long tale. The only thing that I haven’t decided yet is- to keep all the tale white or add some green and blue colour… Well, if you have your opinion on this, please let me know. 😉

Apart from that, I wish to everybody a happy Sunday evening.

P.S. Pictures soon to come to my blog, so don’t miss them out.



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